Why you should do a bridal session!

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Hey brides! Are you trying to decide if you should do a bridal session or not?! Bridal sessions are a classic tradition that have become less common, but there are actually many reasons why you should still do one! Today I have five reasons why you should do a bridal session!

1 Trial Run

Doing a bridal session will ensure that there are no snags on your wedding day! You can plan your hair and makeup trial run on your bridal session to make sure that you absolutely love your bridal look! Sometimes brides think their makeup is too heavy or their eyelashes are too long, etc. This is why hair and makeup trials are so important! A bridal session will also give you the chance to see how your hair and makeup look in photos before your wedding day! Same with your bouquet! Your trial bouquet will make sure that you are absolutely in love with your florals and that they’re exactly what your envisioning! A bridal session also gives you the chance to actually try your wedding dress out! Sure, you fit in your dress and it looks great in the mirror, but how will it actually hold up on your wedding day when your constantly moving around, sitting down, dancing, etc. Moving around for an hour for your bridal session will make sure you love how it fits and moves so theres no wardrobe malfunctions on your big day! Last but not least, your bridal session will give you a chance to break those wedding shoes in, especially if you’re wearing heels!

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2 Relax and Have Fun!

Unlike your bridal session, your wedding day is going to be on a strict schedule and it is not uncommon for wedding timelines to run a little behind! You are also going to be distracted by so many people because you’ll be surrounded by so many loved ones all day! Bridal sessions are not only completely stress free, but you actually have the time to fully capture your bridal look! Many brides on their wedding day don’t have time for more than a few bridal portraits before it is time to move on to the next wedding day event! Bridal sessions let you relax, have fun in front of the camera, and capture every detail of your bridal look that you have been envisioning! Also, remember how many other wedding pictures you’ll be taking throughout the day! Your bridal session will decrease the amount of time your in front of the camera so that you can enjoy more of your candid wedding day moments!

3 Location

If you do a bridal session you are not limited to your venue! Many brides of course still love to do their bridal session at their venue, but some brides love to do them elsewhere! Maybe there is a place that is very special to you where you’d love to do your bridals, or perhaps even a destination location you’re wanting to travel to for them! There are so many gorgeous location options where you can capture your bridal portraits!

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4 Reception Photos

When you do a bridal session you’ll have your bridal portraits before your wedding day so you can display them at your reception! Bridal sessions are typically scheduled 1-2 months before your wedding day! This gives your photographer plenty of time to get your images back to you so that you can pick your favorites and place any print orders you may want for your big day!

5 Heirloom Gift

Your bridal portraits are a timeless heirloom that you’ll have forever! Bridal portraits are an amazing gift for your parents, grandparents, and of course your husband! Not only will these be shared with your current loved ones, but these will potentially be passed down and cherished for generations!

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bridal session

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